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Integrated consumer research services by Tanya Lipshen

Typically, qualitative and quantitative research are two separate projects, increasing the time to complete a project and often dramatically increasing the costs.

I can slash the costs of multiple studies and accelerate progress by combining research projects and providing the quantitative analysis in parallel. That means you can work with one seamless report that blends hard data with qualitative insights, for a holistic view of your market.

To see the full range of quantitative and qualitative research methods that I can integrate with your project, explore further below:

Cut Costs and Accelerate Timelines

Streamline the research process with one integrated study

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To understand your audience, tell your story and back it up with data

Holistic Audience Insights

Understand what’s going on and why through mixed techniques

Case Studies

How I helped a technology company gain a deep understanding of customer issues and causes

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